About Globus

Globus is a pan-African multi-lingual network of insurance companies.


Driven by a common desire to offer a globalized and above all unique insurance service to international clients, a few major players in African insurance created in 2007 the first federated network of insurance companies. This network was named GLOBUS, to express its openness towards the whole world and portray its modernity.

ACTIVA ASSURANCES (Cameroon), LA LOYALE ASSURANCES (Ivory Coast), SONAR (Burkina Faso) and AGC (Republic of Congo) will lay the first stone of this new kind of structure in the African market. The workshop of Douala will lead to the official creation of the GLOBUS Network in the legal form of an Economic Interest Group.

The Logo will be approved and the managers will embark on their campaign to rally other companies and especially convince the European Risk Managers on the reliability of this platform.

Gradually the Network will take off and in 2008 it had up to 27 members. In 2009, this number increased to 30. The Network currently has 45 members and offers solutions in nearly 50 countries.

This growth was accompanied by a reorganization of the Network whose Board of Directors was enlarged to 6 members.

To harmonize the technical capacity and reinsurance as well as to constantly improve the quality of our service, numerous meetings and trainings are organized within the Network.

The financial reliability of the Globus Network is reinforced by the creation of a joint reinsurer (Globus Re), who retrocedes to the world's largest reinsurers. In addition, members of the network are invited to submit their companies to financial rating. Thus, the network's pioneers and driving force will all get the "A" rating from Africa’s number one rating agency, Global Credit Ratings (GCR) of South Africa.